Eyebrow Travel Kit

Eyebrow Travel Kit

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Customize your ideal shade with the perfect combination of two eyebrow colors as well as one highlighting shade. This eyebrow kit guarantees a natural eyebrow look with an amazing push up effect. Applicator included.

6 different colors for all hair types
Shades can be blended for a perfect brow shade matching
Sheer to medium coverage powders provide natural appearance to brows
Lasts for hours, no smudge or fade
Tweeze any left hairs without disturbing the shape of your brow.
Tap the angled brush in the powder and begin to lightly outline the brows.
Continue outlining the very edge of the brow, begin filling darkening the inside of the brow.
Go with the brow brush trough the brows to blend the color together.
Use the light nude color underside of the brows, this will make the brows look more precise and clean with the ultimate push-up effect!
  • Blonde
  • Brunette
  • Dark Brown
  • Ash Brown
  • Auburn Brown
  • Black Brown

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